Microsoft SQL Server for your business

Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise level database that is typically used in the corporate business environment.

In simple terms, you might consider SQL Server as the “big brother” to Microsoft Access.


Unlike Access, SQL Server is not bundled with software tools to build data entry Forms and Reports however, Access

can be used as the application user interface with table links to an SQL Server database.


Used mostly by professional application/database developers, SQL Server is often the first choice for web and back office

applications which have high transaction loads and require higher levels of security than that offered by Microsoft Access.

Most IT Departments have a favourable view of SQL Server and also have the skills to provide administration and support.


Whilst SQL Server will be more stable and secure than it's little brother Access, good design of the database and user

interface is still necessary for optimum performance.


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Here are some of the advantages of using Microsoft SQL Server in your business:-



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